Monday, September 13, 2010

un/common & common space

It is that time of the year, I am working on a crazy alaska design forum project.

This year's lecture series theme is un/common ... focusing on inspiration from things, common and uncommon. We have a shortened lecture series, but will be presenting a symposium and design challenge titled common space, happening in April of next year. It will focus on common spaces in communities rural and urban across the state. Right now, it is set for five communities.

I created these dimensional letters with the help of Michael Gerace doing some very nice drawings .. and Insofoam, a foam company right here in Anchorage. The idea was to use the common word of common, create it in a material (that is locally made), have it share the common space, and be able to use the sculpture to create excitement and awareness for the symposium and design challenge.

With the help of Larry Harris, a photographer here ... and back up help of Mike Hondell, we photographed one location of them .. today we will do another on water.

Now I just have to bring it all together for the season poster that must go to the print on Wednesday.

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