Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SHO-GLOBE - Alaska Design Forum JUNEAU

WOW -- finally recovered after working on the SHO-GLOBE project. ReBar from San Francisco came up to Juneau and created the project. This was apart of Alaska Design Forum's project titled COMMON SPACE, which addresses communal spaces within communities that is is underutilized. This space should be a place of engage and interaction, but unfortunately for many communities it is not and is really dead space.

It was an epic week of work. From massive production of a 20' x 14' x 8' inflatable structure that was self sufficient and and could be set and packed into two "backpacks" and moved throughout a community. A place for interaction.

Lots of labor went into this piece. It was amazing to see how people engage with the piece after so many hours of work. SHO-GLOBE had a life of its own. From seeing it live next the State building in Juneau and seeing suits come in, to Friday night at Folk Fest and seeing every kid jumping into it.

WOW. Blaine and Adam of Rebar put so much into this project. It was really neat to see. And also all the volunteers that dedicated their time and to all the people that were so excited about the project. The best was as we were walking to Friday evenings launch, Blaine and Adam were walking with the monsterous backpacks and someone says .... what is that and what are you doing .... they reply .. it is SHO-GLOBE. His response was oh SHO-GLOBE right on. Everyone in the community talked about the project. It was really neat to have a store front to construct it to the Juneau Empire and local public radio station really promote it. And the amazing thing was all the papers that picked up the article on the AP Wire. We were even on the cover of a Boulder Paper .. and in papers across the country!

Okay ... back to routine ...
well ... not really.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


JUGGERNAUTS is a solo show for Rachelle Dowdy at the Anchorage Museum. I worked on the catalog for the show. Because Rachelle uses pretty simple materials: nails, wood, concrete, rope, etc ... I decided to create the title of the show out of nails. It was pretty fun. I used this prototype for the catalog ... and we will create a larger one onto plywood for the entrance wall for the exhibition. Pretty fun. Lots of nailing to do next week.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Until Jan. 16th, 2011, the oversized pilot bread box will be up at west chester lagoon. The 4'x 14' piece is place around a great skating track. Last night was the opening, where pilot bread with salmon dip was served, amongst a nice fire. The install was on a perfect day of ice fog, with the sun breaking up the fog for a magical day.

This project is apart of POP 11, which is various art happenings community wide coinciding with the Warhol exhibit at the Anchorage Museum. These happening relate to POP art, POP culture and things relevant of our time, and Alaska.

I constructed this piece to engage the larger public about the exhibit. Bring art into everyday culture is important. Engaging people in settings other than a museum is important.

Pilot bread is an unique product/icon. 98% of all the production of the product is made for Alaskans, which is made in Virginia.