Monday, October 20, 2008

JL Tower Fitness Center Graphics Installed

Going to the gym becomes routine ... almost auto-pilot. I wanted to create an atmosphere where one could discover things at every visit. 99 phrases and words were created with a little help of some nice wine. Below is the full list including the out-takes. 68 of them were used to create the wall.
  1. Aqua es buena
  2. eat snowflakes
  3. breathe
  4. drink water
  5. follow your heart
  6. BREATHING. Simple, yet hard.
  7. Park far away.
  8. TRAIN. Pepper spray might not work.
  9. CURLS are important. You need strength for that halibut.
  10. SWEAT in your SWEATS.
  11. No buts when it comes to your butt
  12. Take the stairs.
  13. Be flexible. Not bent out of shape
  14. HYDRATE (displayed is shape of water drop )
  15. If your dog is fat, you’re not exercising enough.
  16. Burn your insulation.
  17. Listen to your breath.
  18. Is my body supposed to do this?
  19. Stop asking yourself if you should stop.
  20. Sled down a hill. Run back up it.
  21. BIKINI (beluga)
  22. Commute without a car.
  23. Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.
  24. After thirteen weeks of regular exercise, your body undergoes metamorphical changes that cause your endocrine system to think you’re a teenager again. Without the zits.
  25. If you’re in shape, you’re warmer, sharper, and look better in fur lined underwear.
  26. Listen to your body.
  27. Spend fifteen minutes warming up and stretching before your workout. You’ll prevent injuries and have an excuse to hang out in the aerobics area.
  28. Stop reading this and go back to your set.
  29. Leg burn = good. Sun burn = bad.
  30. It’s almost over. (not life just this workout today)
  31. Spend your time here so you can enjoy it more out there.
  32. Not everyone was meant to wear spandex.
  33. Runners high… Myth or reality? Keep running and find out.
  34. The fountain of youth is just two more sets away.
  35. Did you ride the elevator up here?
  36. HYDRATE (displayed is shape of water drop )
  37. The difference between thinking you should and doing it is to stop thinking about it.
  38. If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.
  39. No falls, no balls.
  40. Dog tired, but dogs can run all day?
  41. The difference between a triple fudge sunday and a triple bypass is what you’re doing right now.
  42. Alaskans eat more ice cream per capita than any other population in the world. Just cause it’s true doesn’t mean we have to look like it.
  43. Playing sports makes sweating fun.
  44. Nothing should get between you and your workout, except maybe that moose on the trail.
  45. Studded tires make the world a beautiful place to bicycle.
  46. You lose most of your heat through your head. Wear a hat in the winter. Sweat bands haven’t come back yet.
  47. Big Biceps = good. Big Hair = bad
  48. Its the journey, not the destination. But bragging rights are cool, too.
  49. Anchorage has 300 miles of trails to explore.
  50. Norman Vaughan summited the peak in Antarctica that bears his name 3 days before his 89th birthday. Do you really think you have an excuse?
  51. Be the athlete you want to see in the world.
  52. Mush, man.
  53. You can’t spell DIET without DIE
  54. STREEEEtch
  55. Xtreme treadmill
  56. TREADMiLL: walking nowhere fast.
  57. TAKE the stairs
  58. Be in the now. Now. No, now.
  59. Steroids are for zeroids.
  60. Set your incline for the 69th parallel.
  61. No studs on the treadmill.
  62. There’s always a tomorrow.* small type below: Tomorrow may not come. And even if it does, there’s no guarantee it will be to your liking.
  63. Golf– the only place sub-par is the goal.
  64. there’s always tomorrow* *while tomorrow has come for quite some time, past performance is no indication of future performance. Please consult your future advisor before engaging in any procrastination.
  65. no one ever ran a marathon by talking about it.
  66. extreme just means being comfortable with things most people think are crazy.
  67. Get in touch with your Uddiyana bandha. If you touch someone else’s, you might get kicked out of here.
  68. They call it a gym because torture chamber was already taken.
  69. If this isn’t challenging enough for you there’s always Arctic Man
  70. To truly live, one must do. To do, one must practice. (thank you grasshopper)
  71. Drink plenty of water now so you can go pee on the clock.
  72. You don’t have to be faster than the bear… (just the other guy).
  73. Dumbell– better to lift one than to be one.
  74. What ever happened to the abdominizer?
  75. Go old school. Do 25 jumping jacks.
  76. If you really want to make heads turn right now, do 25 jumping jacks.
  77. Flat Top: the Master Stairmaster
  78. Your routine should be anything but
  79. Six-packs don’t contribute to six-packs
  80. Calories are not to be trusted
  81. Carbs are your frenemy
  82. Why is adrenaline always in a rush?
  83. Do you have a position on lotus?
  84. There are only two places sweat makes you sexy. This is one.
  85. Dharma = Disipline
  86. Karma = Destiny
  87. Rock Om
  88. BALANCE.
  89. Working out. The ultimate performance enhancer
  90. Be good to your knees (you’ll miss them when they’re gone).
  91. Don’t cross-check, cross-train
  92. Limber. I hardly know her.
  93. Fresh powder
  94. Curls just wanna have fun.
  95. Pain is weakness leaving the body
  96. Be willing to do one more. Again.
  97. Obsessed is a word lazy people use for the dedicated
  98. If the bar’s not bending, your just pretending
  99. Commit to be fit.

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